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unsung bug actors…more than Herbie.

Vroomaroundus Bugus










Performer: none
Appeared in: Cars
Mater and the Ghostlight
Heavy Metal Mater

“This 1960’s VW Bug, as known as Vroomaroundus Bugus, is usually indigenous to warm dry climates. Though they have a relatively short life span, their miles to the gallon are quite low. It’s also worth noting that they can haul up to four times their own body weight . Pretty strong for such a small bug.”[1]
• The buzzing sounds used for these bugs are actual VW Bug sounds sped up.
• The markings on the wing, if highlighted correctly, form the letters “V” on top of a “W”.


dirty old man…

My dirty old man got clean this weekend. Well, on the outside at least. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!














I’ve been contemplating a few things and will be starting an additional blog soon.

Mr Jones n Me will continue as usual. 🙂

is that a goal?

I was just thinking today, how I can’t wait till my (ahem) other car is paid off. Then I can be car payment free.

Years ago it seemed we needed a new car every few years. My old wagon died, and I got a new car, then I got married and had another kid and got a dog and needed cargo space so we were back to a wagon. Then my x’s lease (rip-off) was up and we turned that car in. So we bought my parents moldy old Ford wagon for $500.00. That one lasted until the Passat wagon was almost paid off. Then we had to replace it which is when I got the Honda. Seems I’ve been making car payments forever.

The current car in question, (Not Mr. Jones, he’s waaay too cool to be a burden) payments are done in early 2013. And I already am counting down.

You see…. Then I can start saving for my bus…. 😀 And I can leave the ‘other car’ to the kids for transportation.


Me n Mr Jones been toolin’ all over the place this week. (Had to make it up to him for being gone so long.) I think he has earned a spa day. Saturday….wash, wax, and soap on the interior too. Maybe even a little rust treatment (yes, there are a couple of rust spots starting to form..the bane of any vintage car owners existence, from what I hear.)

Happy Trails!………………………………….


Need vs Want.

Thank You Mr. Big Rig, for tossing a lovely piece of igneous my way this morning. Yes, I was already contemplating getting a new windshield for Mr. Jones as a bday present. (Sometime after August), thank you for guiding me toward making that  a ‘need’ instead of a ‘want’.

Always good to have justification on your side.

An American Icon?

This is a much debated subject. I think most VW owners love VW, and think of VWs as a classic american car. An icon of an era.

There is also the contingent that cant stand them, call them’ tin cans’, ‘not worth driving’ and  ‘should be junked’.

And while it is true its a German car with very historical European roots, (Porsche designed it and Hitler provided the initial financing for the production of 600 vehicles-thank goodness his involvement ended there…) I side with those who have a great affection for VWs.

My earliest memories in include my grandpa who was a tax preparer, driving his yellow bug to his rather affluent clients homes on 17 mile drive in Monterey. My dad driving our 76 bay bus, to the top of Mt Shasta. I remember my mom making a little snowman on the top of the tire mounted on the front of the bus. It lasted almost all the way home! 🙂

I remember my dad having a little white clunker beetle to get him to classes when I was in grade school and he was in med school.

And I remember making him park that same orange bay bus 2 blocks from the front of the high school when he dropped me off in the morning. Because our 12 year old car was an embarressment.

My first car, though I never drove it was a VW fox wagon. A family friend gave it to me as a 16th birthday present. My dad didnt think it was safe for me to drive. So I washed it and sat in it, until I traded it in on my other first car. a much “safer” <cough!>nissan<cough!>

My first new car, I went right back to VW. And bought a shiny green passat wagon. (which I later gave to my x in the divorce) I still miss my passat.

So while for some its just a crap german car – for me VW’s are part of pretty much every story of my life.

and to me, that makes it nostalgic americana.

Happy 4th of July! I hope you spend your independance day with those you love most. Enjoying each other….and if your lucky enough to have one…your Volkswagen.

A red white n blue bug parade….


I’ve been doing a lot of self introspection lately. Life has been a blur the last few years. Divorce, promotions, new jobs, boyfriends coming and going, my kids growing up every second. Seems hard to just take some time. I’ve always been a big proponent of living simply and I think with life being so hectic (probably due to my making it that way) I’ve really gotten away from that.

Ive been contemplating a few ways to get some simplicity and ‘slow time’ back into my life.

Luckily for me I have a Vdub! What better way is there in to get back to simple things than a historic vehicle. (Yes, a 72 qualifies for a historic plate- though I dont currently have one.) I mean some of the best times I have are in Mr Jones.

I think working on him is going to be a great time. There’s no better feeling than fixing something yourself…and getting some grime on your face in the process.

Along those lines I bumped into a website the other day that had SHOWROOM new quality 72 superbeetle for sale. They had like 30 pictures posted. Im going to attach the link and the pics seperately, so that if it gets sold, you (and I) can still access the pics. Because let me tell you, these are going to come in really handy- especially on some of the inside work I want to do. So check out the link or the gallery below.

 Historical Bug- Mr.
Jones, much better preserved twin….kinda…

Super Beetle to the Rescue!!!

I did a LOT of laundry this weekend. I mean like 15 loads. Dont ask… Anyway, its all done, but thats about all I did.

I went to start my Honda Fit up for the commute today…and the worst noise a car can ever make (SILENCE) happened.

My son had apparently, gone out to the garage at some point yesterday to look for a game boy game – in my car glove box. Why he thought it might be there I dont know. (sigh) But at some point he turned the cabin light on, and left it on….all night.

My first reaction? Turn the light off, and try again. (as if.)

My second reaction? YELL. (hey Im honest.)

OK, My third reaction. I jumped in Mr Jones, who started like a top and we were off!

I borrowed my mom n dad’s battery charger on the way home and plugged it into the Honda.

And Mr Jones? He got a great big thank you!! By way of installing the new antennae I got him a week ago at the swap meet!

What a champ! Have I mentioned, I love Mr Jones?  


Last weekend fellow VW enthusiasts and I ventured to BUG-O-RAMA. A great semi-annual gathering on the Sacramento Speedway. It was so much fun!

Rolling in with Mr Jones, was great! So many VW Bugs, bus, ghia’s, things…etc…you name it. All classic Volkswagens, all day long!

Found a new radio antennae to install at the swap part of the event, and some cap nuts to replace a couple stripped ones we had to deal with when we changed his oil last.

The car show was fantastic! So much inspiration! I’ve decided that there will be a VW Bus in my future.  Took a few pictures of a ghia with the color I want to do my bus someday…so nice!

Next show is in September. I am so there!