A coworker was wearing a very cute dress today, I complimented her on it. She started to tell me where I could go to get it. I said, ‘well, I really don’t wear dresses very often.’ She acknowledged that I don’t, and asked why.

I told her: ‘Its just left overs from childhood.’

My mother had a ‘girls wear dresses’ kind of mentality. She was a 50’s era child, and I was a 70’s era child. Talk about a generation gap. I hated dresses. I could’t climb trees in them!!! My legs would get scratched up! (Needless to say, I spent a lot of years with scabby knees.) And it felt like someone forcing me to prim and proper…the last thing I have ever wanted.

Combine that with living in the country and having an outdoorsman for a father. I was destined to be a tomboy. My earliest memories, are watching dad skin rabbits after a day of hunting, or picking up empty casings on the rifle range. I skipped Sunday school regularly and went and hid in the Monterey Pines that grew all over the church property. (probably an early sign of my soon to materialize anti-organized religion status.)

I loved fishing with dad for rainbow trout, and if I couldn’t be found, I was probably wandering around in the woods by our house, in a tree, or busy collecting arrowheads, snails and caterpillars somewhere. I wore dresses to school and church – as required by parental law, but as soon as I was home, I stripped out of them, put on overalls and cowboy boots and went and played to my heart’s delight. My favorite toys as a child? My Tonka dump truck, my dime store plastic parachuter (the one you threw up in the air), and my bike . Oh and don’t forget…my tin foil wrist bands and my jump rope, that gave me wonder woman like powers. I could deflect bullets and make any man tell the truth with those things.

I had my hunting license when I was 8, and loved to target shoot. I loved horses, climbing up as far into a tree as I could get,  and just staying there. I used to play smash the metal object with the trains too, and would run and hide in the storm drain and scream while the train went over my head. Picking berries from the bushes that grew along the railroad tracks and talking with the hobo’s that lived in the brambles there. I used to think they had the coolest lifestyle. They all knew my name, (so did every cop in town – I was the city managers daughter in a small town, so I was always being watched out for). Mom mother would scold me for speaking to the hobos. But they were really nice guys, were lonely, and their faces lit up when I spent a few minutes talking with them.

Those were the happiest days of my life.

My coworker told me to listen to this song.

It made me weep.

I’m glad I’ve preserved my tomboy as Mr Jones well knows..


Gearing Up

This is going to be a big winter for Mr. Jones.

My daughter is going to be attending a college a bit farther flung, and will be commuting in my Honda starting in January (assuming she gets her license-finally). This means that Mr Jones will become my main car and a daily driver, again.

Time to get somebody in tip top shape with a spa-week!

saving pennies!


Baja Bugs

Just returned from a lovely long weekend, with girlfriends. It takes quite a bit to fenagle a trip like that. Each kid doled out to a relative/friend, as well as animals.

It was a fun trip and in spite of close quarters, we are all still friends! 🙂

I enjoyed seeing the Baja style VW bugs everywhere…some really interesting modifications on the road in Esanada too.

My official Song

OK, so this song, was ALWAYS one I absolutely-loved! I finally saw the video…um surfing, beach, T2…Im in!

This is my theme song!


Gene Hackman VW commercial

Hey… guys HOT! Handsome & Dependable.

Weekly Photo Challenge: SUNSETS

Honolulu from my room @ Hilton Hawaiian Village

Theme of the Week: Sunsets

A little about the photo:

From 2007- 2009 – I had the ‘horrible’ work assignment of conducting multiple clinical trials in Honolulu, HI. The building this was taken from was my second home for 2 years. While everyone else drank Mai Tai’s, wore shorts, and lei’s and sat on the beach all day. I wore a suit and went and sat in a windowless high-rise for 12 hour days….yes Im still smiling.

During my time there, I was able to enjoy a few weekends to myself and made some local friends. After a couple of years, I knew all the best ‘local’ style restaurants and had my own favorite little places on the island. I even got honorary ‘local girl’ status.

However, sunset’s like this were the majority of my daily pleasure.

This particular photo was taken with my “super-duper hi-tech razor” Motorola phone. LOL!

Makes me want to go back and eat the sweetest pineapple on the planet with shrimp & rice at the shrimp truck. You know the one…where the highway narrows, just on the other side of the river and the little bridge going toward north shore? yeah…that one. 😀

after we can go swim in that waterfall and get a fresh lychee martini – at Side Street Inn…

Daily Driver Adventures

I really wish, I was faster with the camera. But Mr. Jones takes effort to drive. Im gonna have to keep a camera AT THE READY.

It would be so much fun to visually catalog our adventures.

On Friday’s commute, we had fun.

At a stoplight on the Richmond Parkway, a guy in a truck asked if he could take Mr. Jones’ picture. He continued to tell me about the ’65 he was going to bring home this weekend. He asked me a couple of questions and then the light turned.

I often wonder how long those stop-light conversations would last, if the light stayed red.

On the way home from work as I got on the freeway. Lo and Behold right beside me was a 68 bug. Bright Yellow just like Mr Jones!

The driver was an older asian man and his wife…they were laughing and smiling and throwing me peace signs! SO CUTE!

We rode along side by side for about 10 miles down the freeway.

I love the smiles. That’s what Mr Jones is…one BIG happy yellow smile!



Drive Happy.

Every day can be a good day. Drive happy. 🙂

just cruisin…

Mr Jones & Me

the perfect man

I like to joke that Mr Jones is my boyfriend. Which still is fun, especially when someone doesn’t know that my VW has a name…OR what that name happens to be. Its always fun, when I say, “sure I’ll bring my boyfriend” and friends that know Im single give me a strange look. But really, I do love my bug.

Mr Jones & I have been together for nearly a year now. And as we approach our first anniversary, I have to say I am even more in love with him than I was when I met him. Interestingly, it’s the he, who he is inside; his quirks…not just his showy self, that make me love him even more.

And IF, I could find the human, male equivalent of Mr. Jones, I might just live…happily ever after.

what Mr. Right would have…that Mr Jones DOES:

Reliability. Mr Jones always starts. Sometimes he grumbles about it, sometimes it takes a little prodding, but he starts. And he always gets me where I’m going. He may not be the fastest car on the road, but he gets me there.

In his quiet…and sometimes NOT SO quiet way, Mr Jones, always makes me see that life is just a journey. That there is no rush, and that anything that goes wrong..can be fixed. He always has a positive outlook.

Mr Jones makes me see things from a different perspective. It happened slowly. Over time, but its funny how differently you read the road when you only have about a 4″ clearance on your front end. I didn’t realize how strange my driving is when I’m with Mr. Jones, until a good friend was riding with me, and she said…”where are you going?” “what are you doing?” a few times. Until I explained to her, I was avoiding pot holes, and steep driveways.

Mr Jones makes me smile. Even when I’m not driving him. If I’m just washing him, or give him some love as I pass by on my way in or out of the house. He always makes me smile.

Mr Jones has lots of personality. He gets noticed yes, but he also likes to make a scene, when he want more attention than what he’s getting. Just follow me uphill, with a stoplight at the top, and you’ll HEAR why.

Mr Jones, doesn’t require a lot of money. It’s the simple things in life that he loves and shares with me. Sometimes its just a Sunday drive or an oil change that can make for a great date.

Mr Jones, likes old school. it’s a little thing really. But whatever puts him in a good mood, puts me in a good mood. And really what is better in life, than driving down the road jammin’ some tunes, and being happy with your man?

Mr Jones knows how to make it work. So there is a wire thingy, for his gas door release, and you have to turn the knob left AND pull to open the glove box, and you might have to close the door 3 times before it closes right, and you have to lock the door if you dont want to fall out. And there is duct tape holding the seat cover together….(I could go on…) but it works. Right? Mr Jones understands, it not always what you want…its what you need.

Mr Jones isn’t perfect. He’s flashy, & attractive…yes (always an important quality) but he’s rough around the edges…and honestly…kind of a dirty old man inside. (which I secretly like) Not everything works, but the important stuff does. I have to say though, his engine IS shiny and when he’s coming down the road you can hear how much testosterone he’s got. Kinda makes my knees go weak…ya know?

And the best thing about Mr Jones? I know, that as long as I put effort into our ‘relationship’; keeping up the maintenance, and showing him how much I care…he will do the same. Sure, we’ll have a couple bad days here and there. We may require some ‘road-side assistance’ at one point or another.

But on the road of life…that stuff is just, ‘bumps in the road’.

Bugs Invade Napa