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Happy Hanakkuh!


Drive Happy.

Every day can be a good day. Drive happy. 🙂

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World Peace via Classic VW’s

Something about a VW just makes you instant neighbors.

I pull into a gas station, I get 2 or three waves. Occasionally someone will strike up conversation & admire my car.

On the freeway I always get lots of looks, nods, peace signs, & smiles.

People give me more room when I’m in my beetle, less tailgating, more polite lane changes, less cut-offs. (Which is a good thing, since I don’t have a horn, & my brakes dont exactly stop on a dime.)

It’s beyond the hippy stereotype. It’s  community. A VW is iconic, & nostalgic for people as well. A reminder of a time when life was a little less, electronic. A little more, hands on.

You have to take your time with a VW. Even if its modified & ‘suped up…it took patience to get it there.

Go to a VW show. Some of the nicest people ever. Everyone helps each other out, lots of ideas! All walks of life.

And the great thing is…its not a johnson competition. (You know the one where everyone is trying to measure bigger & better.)

Sure people drool. But there is also acknowledgement for the work that went into those vehicles. And most of the time the owner is humble as pie, sitting right next to their car, to tell you how to do it to yours.

VW people, are notorious do-it-yourselfer’s, cheap parts, cheap cars, lots of love.

It’s just a common love.

You have to love something that requires the work a VW does. If you treat it right, it’ll treat you right. Maybe instead of a slow food movement, its slow lifestyle movement.

And slow can mean pretty damn awesome too.

I wonder if world peace could come from a VW in every drive-way?  😀





I’m game.