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It’s Mr. Jones SPA DAY!!!!

Doesnt he just LOOK happy and glowy?


The list:

Tune Up: Compression Check, valve adjustment, spark plugs, cap and rotor, clean idle jet, oil change,  clean sump, lube chassis, check transmission oil, brake check, hose check, belt check,

headlight fuse replaced

valve cover gasket

replace fuel hoses

replace fuel filter

install….OH YES…. a brand spankin new……ELECTRONIC IGNITION.




is that a goal?

I was just thinking today, how I can’t wait till my (ahem) other car is paid off. Then I can be car payment free.

Years ago it seemed we needed a new car every few years. My old wagon died, and I got a new car, then I got married and had another kid and got a dog and needed cargo space so we were back to a wagon. Then my x’s lease (rip-off) was up and we turned that car in. So we bought my parents moldy old Ford wagon for $500.00. That one lasted until the Passat wagon was almost paid off. Then we had to replace it which is when I got the Honda. Seems I’ve been making car payments forever.

The current car in question, (Not Mr. Jones, he’s waaay too cool to be a burden) payments are done in early 2013. And I already am counting down.

You see…. Then I can start saving for my bus…. 😀 And I can leave the ‘other car’ to the kids for transportation.


Me n Mr Jones been toolin’ all over the place this week. (Had to make it up to him for being gone so long.) I think he has earned a spa day. Saturday….wash, wax, and soap on the interior too. Maybe even a little rust treatment (yes, there are a couple of rust spots starting to form..the bane of any vintage car owners existence, from what I hear.)

Happy Trails!………………………………….

travel Bug

I have been up and down the California coast twice since my last post, and this post is brought to you courtesy of time zone insomnia, via Dublin, Ireland.

I really enjoyed the SoCal coastal part of the trip (and Im doing it again in a month). I saw only 1 bug the entire time I was in SoCal but I must have passed something like 20 bay window Type 2’s while I was there..

Renting a VW Golf today, and learning to drive on the left…lovely stories upon my return.



Need vs Want.

Thank You Mr. Big Rig, for tossing a lovely piece of igneous my way this morning. Yes, I was already contemplating getting a new windshield for Mr. Jones as a bday present. (Sometime after August), thank you for guiding me toward making that  a ‘need’ instead of a ‘want’.

Always good to have justification on your side.

World Peace via Classic VW’s

Something about a VW just makes you instant neighbors.

I pull into a gas station, I get 2 or three waves. Occasionally someone will strike up conversation & admire my car.

On the freeway I always get lots of looks, nods, peace signs, & smiles.

People give me more room when I’m in my beetle, less tailgating, more polite lane changes, less cut-offs. (Which is a good thing, since I don’t have a horn, & my brakes dont exactly stop on a dime.)

It’s beyond the hippy stereotype. It’s  community. A VW is iconic, & nostalgic for people as well. A reminder of a time when life was a little less, electronic. A little more, hands on.

You have to take your time with a VW. Even if its modified & ‘suped up…it took patience to get it there.

Go to a VW show. Some of the nicest people ever. Everyone helps each other out, lots of ideas! All walks of life.

And the great thing is…its not a johnson competition. (You know the one where everyone is trying to measure bigger & better.)

Sure people drool. But there is also acknowledgement for the work that went into those vehicles. And most of the time the owner is humble as pie, sitting right next to their car, to tell you how to do it to yours.

VW people, are notorious do-it-yourselfer’s, cheap parts, cheap cars, lots of love.

It’s just a common love.

You have to love something that requires the work a VW does. If you treat it right, it’ll treat you right. Maybe instead of a slow food movement, its slow lifestyle movement.

And slow can mean pretty damn awesome too.

I wonder if world peace could come from a VW in every drive-way?  😀





I’m game.

Dig that Crazy Beetle!!!

Its been a week or so since my last posting. Busy days. Mr Jones n me n the 2 kids and my friend Pat loaded into into the car and cruised to the movies this weekend. Nice to know you can seat four comfortably. CJ loves how the backseat is so bouncy. LOL

Headed off to watch the Giants kick some Indian butt later. 😉

Got me thinking. I want my future VW bus to be orange…maybe I should go orange & black and combine my two favorite things (VW’s & Giants baseball) What better tailgate vehicle could there be!?

Here’s an inspiration vehicle……..hmmmmmm. Looks pretty fly to me! —–>


OH and I found this link!! The possibilities are endless!

Not so craaazy though…so here is one that is a little quirkier..



Im travelling for work this week, and alas I haven’t seen one classic bug since I arrived. What is wrong with this desert anyway??? OK, so to appease myself I went online to search out a fun DIG THAT CRAZY BUG of the week.

LOVE IT! Perfect for this HOT sun…108′ today! YUCK!


I’ve been doing a lot of self introspection lately. Life has been a blur the last few years. Divorce, promotions, new jobs, boyfriends coming and going, my kids growing up every second. Seems hard to just take some time. I’ve always been a big proponent of living simply and I think with life being so hectic (probably due to my making it that way) I’ve really gotten away from that.

Ive been contemplating a few ways to get some simplicity and ‘slow time’ back into my life.

Luckily for me I have a Vdub! What better way is there in to get back to simple things than a historic vehicle. (Yes, a 72 qualifies for a historic plate- though I dont currently have one.) I mean some of the best times I have are in Mr Jones.

I think working on him is going to be a great time. There’s no better feeling than fixing something yourself…and getting some grime on your face in the process.

Along those lines I bumped into a website the other day that had SHOWROOM new quality 72 superbeetle for sale. They had like 30 pictures posted. Im going to attach the link and the pics seperately, so that if it gets sold, you (and I) can still access the pics. Because let me tell you, these are going to come in really handy- especially on some of the inside work I want to do. So check out the link or the gallery below.

 Historical Bug- Mr.
Jones, much better preserved twin….kinda…

Dig that CRAZY Beetle!

I find some crazy photos of beetles online, and see some wierd ones in person onst in a while. (I’ll let ya know when I took the picture vs. sharing one from online.)

I wanted to share, so once a week, Im going to post a fun beetle pic: Week 1, Spiderbeetle!

 This weeks VW road sightings: 1 bright yellow bug – Mr Jones cousin! (Richmond) 1 red bug, 1 white westfalia (both on I-80 Eastbound)

and for your listening pleasure- here is the song I woke up humming to myself today:

Super Beetle to the Rescue!!!

I did a LOT of laundry this weekend. I mean like 15 loads. Dont ask… Anyway, its all done, but thats about all I did.

I went to start my Honda Fit up for the commute today…and the worst noise a car can ever make (SILENCE) happened.

My son had apparently, gone out to the garage at some point yesterday to look for a game boy game – in my car glove box. Why he thought it might be there I dont know. (sigh) But at some point he turned the cabin light on, and left it on….all night.

My first reaction? Turn the light off, and try again. (as if.)

My second reaction? YELL. (hey Im honest.)

OK, My third reaction. I jumped in Mr Jones, who started like a top and we were off!

I borrowed my mom n dad’s battery charger on the way home and plugged it into the Honda.

And Mr Jones? He got a great big thank you!! By way of installing the new antennae I got him a week ago at the swap meet!

What a champ! Have I mentioned, I love Mr Jones?