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Feeling around in there

Mr Jones kindly lifted his skirt and showed us his motor the other day. Playing around in there found that the mechanic who installed the electronic ignition did NOT bundle the wires correctly. The power wire’s insulation had melted onto the engine (we run a bit hot- still figuring that part out) and as a result the sparks that resulted shorted out the wiring in the ignition up front.

Ordering a new ignition kit this week. And then I get to learn how to put it in! 🙂





Well, I’m hoping to have Mr Jones running again in the coming month. It wouldn’t do to go to Bug-O-Rama with only some recent model hatchback as transport.

Anyhow….hope Mr Jones and I see you at Bug-O-Rama!



So Mr Jones is sick. Yep. Sick. On a drive home a few weeks ago, going up hill. He coughed and sputtered.

Later after stopping for gas, he wouldn’t restart. Im guessing alternator. But since I just dumped $500.00 into him, it’ll be a few more weeks till I can do anything about.

Rest up Mr. Jones!



Blog reference

Great blog just thought I’d share:



On The Road

I had some serious driving to do this past week. I drove 13 hours last Sunday and 18 hours this Tuesday/Wednesday. Needless to say I was THANKFUL for an invite to have Thanksgiving dinner elsewhere.

I was able to do a tiny bit of side-tripping and took some ‘from the car snaps’ of some of my favorite places in California. Namely: Salinas Valley & Monterey. (my favorite because this is hometown territory for me.) I should mention these are just i-phone pix. And that sunrise picture below. Has had no color enhancement done.


Sunrise at the summit, SB I-5 past Grapevine

The Swings @ Knott's Berry Farm

a boy and his dog Carmel Beach, CA

CJ @ Carmel Beach

CJ @ Dennis the Menace Park, Monterey, CA

abandoned barn on farm - Salinas Valley, CA

From the view of Penny Lane - Salinas Valley

farm in Salinas Valley

Farm with Pumpkins and Salinas Valley in background

backroads Salinas Valley

on 101 Salinas Valley

Mountains and Clouds, Salinas Valley

Baja Bugs

Just returned from a lovely long weekend, with girlfriends. It takes quite a bit to fenagle a trip like that. Each kid doled out to a relative/friend, as well as animals.

It was a fun trip and in spite of close quarters, we are all still friends! 🙂

I enjoyed seeing the Baja style VW bugs everywhere…some really interesting modifications on the road in Esanada too.

Drive Happy.

Every day can be a good day. Drive happy. 🙂

just cruisin…

Mr Jones & Me

unsung bug actors…more than Herbie.

Vroomaroundus Bugus










Performer: none
Appeared in: Cars
Mater and the Ghostlight
Heavy Metal Mater

“This 1960’s VW Bug, as known as Vroomaroundus Bugus, is usually indigenous to warm dry climates. Though they have a relatively short life span, their miles to the gallon are quite low. It’s also worth noting that they can haul up to four times their own body weight . Pretty strong for such a small bug.”[1]
• The buzzing sounds used for these bugs are actual VW Bug sounds sped up.
• The markings on the wing, if highlighted correctly, form the letters “V” on top of a “W”.

dirty old man…

My dirty old man got clean this weekend. Well, on the outside at least. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!














I’ve been contemplating a few things and will be starting an additional blog soon.

Mr Jones n Me will continue as usual. 🙂

is that a goal?

I was just thinking today, how I can’t wait till my (ahem) other car is paid off. Then I can be car payment free.

Years ago it seemed we needed a new car every few years. My old wagon died, and I got a new car, then I got married and had another kid and got a dog and needed cargo space so we were back to a wagon. Then my x’s lease (rip-off) was up and we turned that car in. So we bought my parents moldy old Ford wagon for $500.00. That one lasted until the Passat wagon was almost paid off. Then we had to replace it which is when I got the Honda. Seems I’ve been making car payments forever.

The current car in question, (Not Mr. Jones, he’s waaay too cool to be a burden) payments are done in early 2013. And I already am counting down.

You see…. Then I can start saving for my bus…. 😀 And I can leave the ‘other car’ to the kids for transportation.


Me n Mr Jones been toolin’ all over the place this week. (Had to make it up to him for being gone so long.) I think he has earned a spa day. Saturday….wash, wax, and soap on the interior too. Maybe even a little rust treatment (yes, there are a couple of rust spots starting to form..the bane of any vintage car owners existence, from what I hear.)

Happy Trails!………………………………….