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Feeling the Pinch?

Everyone is posting pictures of their recent gas purchase totals. Here in lovely California gas prices are $4.25 on average for low grade unleaded.  I saw a truck deulie come up at $130.00, & have seen a few others at $100.00 and $120.00 etc.

Mr Jones, was hitting empty yesterday so I stopped for a quick fill up.

Maybe everybody should drive an old VW? 😉


Read it and weep. $22.98


earlier yesterday, cruisin down the I-80 somewhere around Rodeo.


Gearing Up

This is going to be a big winter for Mr. Jones.

My daughter is going to be attending a college a bit farther flung, and will be commuting in my Honda starting in January (assuming she gets her license-finally). This means that Mr Jones will become my main car and a daily driver, again.

Time to get somebody in tip top shape with a spa-week!

saving pennies!


cost to own comparison

In a previous post, I mentioned the difference in the cost to own vs a new car, but didnt really delve too far into that thought. Last night I was paying the dreaded bills, as I do bi-weekly, and remembered to do that.

the difference, makes me want to dump my Honda Fit NOW, and start saving for a Type 2!!

Its important to keep in mind that neither car has required any ‘fixing’ in the past 8 months. Only normal oil changes, tire rotations etc. In an effort to offset that and make it a realistic cost with the odd ‘part replacement’, I calculated maintenance costs based on 6 maintenances a year for each car. (They currently get 4 each). I also used an ‘average cost’ for each cars maintenance entry, as servicing both can fluctuate depending on if you are replacing spark plugs or just oil filters. 😀

Neither car is under warranty.

The Actuals:

I think its interesting that the government instituted the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program, in an effort to stimulate the economy. Basically all they did was get people to spend more, and get some of the coolest vehicles of the road. Instead of needing to have the coolest newest car, how about just the coolest…a little work never hurt anybody. (though Im beginning to question this phrase the longer I l ive.) I know what it means to stimulate the economy….but it seems to me that the solvency of the country is MORE linked to how much we have in the bank vs how much we spend. Haven’t we already learned that spending and living outside of our means is BAAAADD news?

I think I’ve single-handedly figured out how to save the economy, reduce waste AND increase recycling…everybody drive an old VW!

Happy Driving! 🙂