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Feeling the Pinch?

Everyone is posting pictures of their recent gas purchase totals. Here in lovely California gas prices are $4.25 on average for low grade unleaded.  I saw a truck deulie come up at $130.00, & have seen a few others at $100.00 and $120.00 etc.

Mr Jones, was hitting empty yesterday so I stopped for a quick fill up.

Maybe everybody should drive an old VW? 😉


Read it and weep. $22.98


earlier yesterday, cruisin down the I-80 somewhere around Rodeo.



It’s Mr. Jones SPA DAY!!!!

Doesnt he just LOOK happy and glowy?


The list:

Tune Up: Compression Check, valve adjustment, spark plugs, cap and rotor, clean idle jet, oil change,  clean sump, lube chassis, check transmission oil, brake check, hose check, belt check,

headlight fuse replaced

valve cover gasket

replace fuel hoses

replace fuel filter

install….OH YES…. a brand spankin new……ELECTRONIC IGNITION.



Season’s Greetings! VW’s on Parade

Mr Jones is impatiently awaiting his spa week in January, for his schedule maintenance. There is a list of things to be done. And the money is almost put together.

Until I start updates on the long awaited Spa Day, I’ve decided to highlight some Holiday VW art.

—–Ryan Conners—–

Today I’m highlighting an art piece done by an artist Ryan Conners. I love her stuff, its fun, and colorful!

She has a blog and sells her art on etsy, check her out! Buy from her! Stimulate your economy by buying locally!

Ryan Conners

(posted with artists permission)


Now, if I can just get Ryan to do a yellow bug with a black cat and an orange dog…my ornament collection will be complete! 🙂

Thanksgiving IN a Volkswagen

Ok, I’m sorry, How much fun would this be?

A crisp autumn day, a festive picnic table, some turkey casserole, mashers, my grandma’s pumpkin/pecan pie, and a jug of warm cider, all out the back of a VW T2 bus? All we need are pilgrim hats!!!

Happily making plans for future Thanksgivings….



A coworker was wearing a very cute dress today, I complimented her on it. She started to tell me where I could go to get it. I said, ‘well, I really don’t wear dresses very often.’ She acknowledged that I don’t, and asked why.

I told her: ‘Its just left overs from childhood.’

My mother had a ‘girls wear dresses’ kind of mentality. She was a 50’s era child, and I was a 70’s era child. Talk about a generation gap. I hated dresses. I could’t climb trees in them!!! My legs would get scratched up! (Needless to say, I spent a lot of years with scabby knees.) And it felt like someone forcing me to prim and proper…the last thing I have ever wanted.

Combine that with living in the country and having an outdoorsman for a father. I was destined to be a tomboy. My earliest memories, are watching dad skin rabbits after a day of hunting, or picking up empty casings on the rifle range. I skipped Sunday school regularly and went and hid in the Monterey Pines that grew all over the church property. (probably an early sign of my soon to materialize anti-organized religion status.)

I loved fishing with dad for rainbow trout, and if I couldn’t be found, I was probably wandering around in the woods by our house, in a tree, or busy collecting arrowheads, snails and caterpillars somewhere. I wore dresses to school and church – as required by parental law, but as soon as I was home, I stripped out of them, put on overalls and cowboy boots and went and played to my heart’s delight. My favorite toys as a child? My Tonka dump truck, my dime store plastic parachuter (the one you threw up in the air), and my bike . Oh and don’t forget…my tin foil wrist bands and my jump rope, that gave me wonder woman like powers. I could deflect bullets and make any man tell the truth with those things.

I had my hunting license when I was 8, and loved to target shoot. I loved horses, climbing up as far into a tree as I could get,  and just staying there. I used to play smash the metal object with the trains too, and would run and hide in the storm drain and scream while the train went over my head. Picking berries from the bushes that grew along the railroad tracks and talking with the hobo’s that lived in the brambles there. I used to think they had the coolest lifestyle. They all knew my name, (so did every cop in town – I was the city managers daughter in a small town, so I was always being watched out for). Mom mother would scold me for speaking to the hobos. But they were really nice guys, were lonely, and their faces lit up when I spent a few minutes talking with them.

Those were the happiest days of my life.

My coworker told me to listen to this song.

It made me weep.

I’m glad I’ve preserved my tomboy as Mr Jones well knows..

Gene Hackman VW commercial

Hey… guys HOT! Handsome & Dependable.

Bugs Invade Napa

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains


South Monterey County, CA

I dont usually do the photo challenges, but I saw this one pop in my email today. 2 days ago I was driving home from Los Angeles (after picking up my daughter from ballet school) and drove through the area I was born and lived as a young child. The beauty of the rural area struck me, and I snapped a couple photos while driving.

I fully intend to go back now, and make it a photo weekend, those hills were so beautiful. A very rustic dramatic area. I think Mr Jones should go too.

I had to do it in black and white. The contrasts, and the grain of the photo just look like it was taken 1oo years ago. And really it could have been. Not much has changed here. Maybe that’s why it still feels like home.

You can always go back.

And its just the same.

An American Icon?

This is a much debated subject. I think most VW owners love VW, and think of VWs as a classic american car. An icon of an era.

There is also the contingent that cant stand them, call them’ tin cans’, ‘not worth driving’ and  ‘should be junked’.

And while it is true its a German car with very historical European roots, (Porsche designed it and Hitler provided the initial financing for the production of 600 vehicles-thank goodness his involvement ended there…) I side with those who have a great affection for VWs.

My earliest memories in include my grandpa who was a tax preparer, driving his yellow bug to his rather affluent clients homes on 17 mile drive in Monterey. My dad driving our 76 bay bus, to the top of Mt Shasta. I remember my mom making a little snowman on the top of the tire mounted on the front of the bus. It lasted almost all the way home! 🙂

I remember my dad having a little white clunker beetle to get him to classes when I was in grade school and he was in med school.

And I remember making him park that same orange bay bus 2 blocks from the front of the high school when he dropped me off in the morning. Because our 12 year old car was an embarressment.

My first car, though I never drove it was a VW fox wagon. A family friend gave it to me as a 16th birthday present. My dad didnt think it was safe for me to drive. So I washed it and sat in it, until I traded it in on my other first car. a much “safer” <cough!>nissan<cough!>

My first new car, I went right back to VW. And bought a shiny green passat wagon. (which I later gave to my x in the divorce) I still miss my passat.

So while for some its just a crap german car – for me VW’s are part of pretty much every story of my life.

and to me, that makes it nostalgic americana.

Happy 4th of July! I hope you spend your independance day with those you love most. Enjoying each other….and if your lucky enough to have one…your Volkswagen.

A red white n blue bug parade….