Weekly Photo Challenge: SUNSETS

Honolulu from my room @ Hilton Hawaiian Village

Theme of the Week: Sunsets

A little about the photo:

From 2007- 2009 – I had the ‘horrible’ work assignment of conducting multiple clinical trials in Honolulu, HI. The building this was taken from was my second home for 2 years. While everyone else drank Mai Tai’s, wore shorts, and lei’s and sat on the beach all day. I wore a suit and went and sat in a windowless high-rise for 12 hour days….yes Im still smiling.

During my time there, I was able to enjoy a few weekends to myself and made some local friends. After a couple of years, I knew all the best ‘local’ style restaurants and had my own favorite little places on the island. I even got honorary ‘local girl’ status.

However, sunset’s like this were the majority of my daily pleasure.

This particular photo was taken with my “super-duper hi-tech razor” Motorola phone. LOL!

Makes me want to go back and eat the sweetest pineapple on the planet with shrimp & rice at the shrimp truck. You know the one…where the highway narrows, just on the other side of the river and the little bridge going toward north shore? yeah…that one. 😀

after we can go swim in that waterfall and get a fresh lychee martini – at Side Street Inn…


About ogirl74

A quirky single mom of 2 ( and 3 pets). A professional something-er-other, who happens to LOVE classic VW's amongst a plethora of other things. Lox bagels, Pavarotti; baking; and the TV turned OFF.

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