unsung bug actors…more than Herbie.

Vroomaroundus Bugus










Performer: none
Appeared in: Cars
Mater and the Ghostlight
Heavy Metal Mater

“This 1960’s VW Bug, as known as Vroomaroundus Bugus, is usually indigenous to warm dry climates. Though they have a relatively short life span, their miles to the gallon are quite low. It’s also worth noting that they can haul up to four times their own body weight . Pretty strong for such a small bug.”[1]
• The buzzing sounds used for these bugs are actual VW Bug sounds sped up.
• The markings on the wing, if highlighted correctly, form the letters “V” on top of a “W”.


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A quirky single mom of 2 ( and 3 pets). A professional something-er-other, who happens to LOVE classic VW's amongst a plethora of other things. Lox bagels, Pavarotti; baking; and the TV turned OFF.

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