The Simple Life

Just returned from Ireland a few days ago. Although I am admittedly pretty much set for life on the bucolic green hills, sheep, churches, and ruins. I am in love with the irish cottage.

I think, that bringing an irish style cottage to California (minus the high maintenance thatch roofing) would be an ideal way to move into the simple living format.

Doing a bit of research on building codes, simple stone masonry, and books on green building with ecofriendly materials.

From what Im reading a natural stone home is a really great way to go. The stone acts as a great insulator. Keeping summer heat out, and maintains internal temperatures in the home as well.

That and some really well thought out windows, doors for breezeways. and you’ve got a very efficient and comfortable little home.

Of course for Mr Jones to join me it will require a really great road TO that cottage. He could have never navigated the roads in Ireland with that dropped front.

I only saw 3 classic VWs in all of Ireland and all were Type 2’s. No wonder really. I dont think a bug could navigate those ruts well AT all. first they dont react fast enough for the trucks hogging the entire road at 50mph, and second I think the juts etc would just kill off the front end of the car.

Adding a picture of 2 of the 3 bay buses I saw…

Happy Driving. 🙂


About ogirl74

A quirky single mom of 2 ( and 3 pets). A professional something-er-other, who happens to LOVE classic VW's amongst a plethora of other things. Lox bagels, Pavarotti; baking; and the TV turned OFF.

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