Elements of Simple Living. VW Style.

For about a decade now I’ve been embracing (sometimes more-so sometimes less-so) the Simple Living ideology.

Yesterday’s post ‘needs vs. wants’, got me thinking on the VW Lifestyle.

I’ve heard the term “Volkswagen Lifestyle”, quite a lot, but yet, there is no definition for it. It MUST be somehow tied in with Simple Living. (Why? I say so…and for the purposes of this blog, at least until you disagree in the comments, Im the only voice here.) 😀

So along with Jelly Beans (dont ask) I was pondering yesterday how the Volkswagen Lifestyle embraces Simple Living.

Here is what I got:

Less is More: One of the principle ideas behind Simple Living. Ever been in a Vintage VW? Trust me, it goes along with it. No bells n whistles just a solid car…and if you have to roll up the windows yourself and lock the doors yourself, consider it calories burned. 😉

Fix it Dont Replace it: Anyone who loves Vintage VW’s agrees with this one. Why buy new when the old is just fine? And in many ways, dare I say…better.

Its not old it’s Vintage: Old is a state of mind. Vintage is cool. Sometimes what is old can be MADE cool. Like a Cali Style Vdub. If you want to be green, consider it renewing an old resource. Better than recycling!

Who needs AC?: My bug has AC. Is called 2-70 AC. 2 windows at 70 mph. And come on, what is better than the wind on your face? On the green front, think of it as reducing your carbon footprint. No freon = one less ozone threatening, emission. We humans survived all climates without air conditioning for thousands of years. You wont die without it. Unless you are dumb enough to sit in the car with all the windows rolled up on a 100′ + day.

Enjoy the Ride – OR- Relax We’ll Get There: Something I’ve always been a bit of a ‘mean mom’ about is NO DVD players in the car. Ipods n gameboys are barely tolerated, books and travel games are encouraged, and um, heaven forbid…enjoying the scenery! Its amazing how much we miss, when we dont actually look at the world around us. Free entertainment and an appreciation for all those ‘random’ little things. Like cool garage doors and oh, nature and wildlife! And by the way, you dont HAVE to play frogger on the highway, going 90mph. You get there just the same going 70. Who knows? You might actually enjoy the drive a bit more at that pace.

Does it actually DO anything?: My car does not have leather seats, it does not have a passenger vanity mirror, it does not have chrome instrument panel surrounds, nor does it have a dozen cupholders (like papa’s Nissan Cube – or so the kids tell me.) Part of Simple Living is making sure that everything you have has a function. You dont need to waste money and resources on ‘extras’. Mr Jones, does have a fancy little wire pull that releases the door to the gas tank. Ohhh but wait, that wire pull DOES something….nevermind.

A Little Dirt Doesnt Hurt: I actually read a study years ago, when my daughter was small that said that when parents kept their children festidiously clean and ‘germ free’, the children were more susceptible to infection and disease. This is because their immune systems don’t have a chance to build up antibodies against common germs, most of which our bodies will normally fight off. I think I read this to reassure myself, that it was OK, when I was too exhausted as a single mom to make sure my daughter had a bath each and every night. Every other, was just fine. Same goes for cars. Besides you ARE saving water. AND, in the case of some of the stories I’ve heard, it might be the grime holding some of those old bugs together!

No Sheep- Only Moondoggies…OK, fine!…sheep too!: Why drive a car that looks just like EVERYONE elses! VWs are icon’s. And there is something wonderful about NOT being just one of the crowd. After all we are all individuals. Enjoy it! And while I am certainly NOT a sheep, and dont want one in the back seat of my car (my pretty pooch Penny is plenty 😉 ) If it floats your boat…do it!

New ISNT better: More reliable maybe. Sometimes. Not always. But I did go off on another tangent with this thought process yesterday. COST. Have you ever figured out how much it costs do drive and maintain your car every year? I did…keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post, and you’ll see my point.

Know your Neighbor: In our fast paced urban/suburban existence, how many of your neighbors do you know by name? I only know 1. “Scary Steve”. And I’d rather not. But hey, if you’re tinkering in your car, you may just meet a few. Like the little girl across the street who has a yellow bug pedal car who waves in camaraderie every time I take off in Jonesy. Or that neighbor next door who’s an engineer and can just MAKE you that part your missing. (wtg Jon!) It might be a wrench instead of a cup of sugar, but really- why NOT get to know your neighbors again?

    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost


About ogirl74

A quirky single mom of 2 ( and 3 pets). A professional something-er-other, who happens to LOVE classic VW's amongst a plethora of other things. Lox bagels, Pavarotti; baking; and the TV turned OFF.

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