beach bum?

It’s weeks like this I get a hankering for a VW Bay or a Westfalia. Gonna camp in my car for the weekend. In between dropping someone off in SoCal and working in SoCal on Tuesday. Decided it was ridiculous to pay $150.00 a night in the OC when I have an international trip coming up in a few weeks. I’m not even paying that much for a place to sleep overseas! And while I do love some luxury, right now, it’s just not really a must have.

So while I’d love to make it a Vokswagen road trip, it must be a <cough>Fit<cough> trip. Seats all the way down, and just enough room to throw a bag down.

I hope there are no Volkswagen campers there, I’ll be green with envy!



About ogirl74

A quirky single mom of 2 ( and 3 pets). A professional something-er-other, who happens to LOVE classic VW's amongst a plethora of other things. Lox bagels, Pavarotti; baking; and the TV turned OFF.

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