Dig that Crazy Beetle!!!

Its been a week or so since my last posting. Busy days. Mr Jones n me n the 2 kids and my friend Pat loaded into into the car and cruised to the movies this weekend. Nice to know you can seat four comfortably. CJ loves how the backseat is so bouncy. LOL

Headed off to watch the Giants kick some Indian butt later. 😉

Got me thinking. I want my future VW bus to be orange…maybe I should go orange & black and combine my two favorite things (VW’s & Giants baseball) What better tailgate vehicle could there be!?

Here’s an inspiration vehicle……..hmmmmmm. Looks pretty fly to me! —–>


OH and I found this link!! The possibilities are endless! http://www.busselecta.com/bus/

Not so craaazy though…so here is one that is a little quirkier..



About ogirl74

A quirky single mom of 2 ( and 3 pets). A professional something-er-other, who happens to LOVE classic VW's amongst a plethora of other things. Lox bagels, Pavarotti; baking; and the TV turned OFF.

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